care instructions

Wood surfaces are not waterproof to stains and damage from moisture, heat and UV and are not impact resistant

Use coaster and placemats, to protect the surface and dry moisture immediately

Don’t drag sharp or rough surfaces across wood furniture, use placemats and coasters to prevent scratching

Direct contact with pens, rubber, candle wax, wine, food or any perfumed product will leave a stain on the wood surface

Wood may expand and contract with seasonal variances. Maintain constant humidity levels to prevent warping or cracking

Air, artificial light and UV will over time change the natural colour of wood. Rotate items on wood surfaces for uniform ageing and colour development. Light wood darkens and dark wood lightens with age

Do not drag furniture that has legs as they may break off if floor tiled or uneven

Use a soft damp cloth as needed and wipe dry. Do not use cleaning products containing ammonia, alcohol or petroleum. Avoid furniture polish as it accumulates and leaves a residue over time.